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400 % Increase In Website Traffic In 3 Months

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In order for a business to thrive in today’s technology market it is imperative to work directly with a Digital Marketing Agency with a long and proven track record.

Unfortunately, these days many business owners are being taken advantage of by the ” Dirty Dinosaur” the mega agencies whose only sole purpose is to get sales and provide little to no results.

Search Marketing is a complicated process and it takes a lot more than a few simple tricks to get your company the results that it deserves


cutting edge results

                                                            Call Volume

Our goal at McLamb Group Media is to give you measurable results. What’s the point of SEO if you aren’t seeing a return on your investment? Your business needs tangible success and in the case of Epic Venues that meant leads. We took Epic Venues in their San Jose and Nevada and Texas and tripled their call volume as seen below


                                                       Google My Business


Chances are if people are searching for ” Event Venue” they need someone right away. Appearing on page one and having your business in Google My Business increase your chances people searching for our site and getting those leads. For Epic Venues we increased their search volume through Google My Business which increased their leads

GMB San Jose Wedding Event Venue
GMB San Jose Event Venue

                                                            Maps Results


If you are searching for a service, a restaurant or just looking for information online there is a good chance you do not go beyond page one.

Most searchers have the same mentality and that is why in order to be competitive you need to be on page one. In the examples below we helped our clients become more competitive and they now rank for many different key terms not just one!

We Deliver Results.

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