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How To Add a Coronavirus Banner Alert to your Website

How to Easily Add a Health Notification to Your Website

The world is spooked right now about the coronavirus and so many unknowns.

As a small business that works with individuals from day to day and is responsible for the safety of them, it’s especially important to be mindful of concerns customers may have as well as the safety for yourself, your employee and your family members.

Setting up a notification on your website is a simple way to communicate your sanitation efforts.

Best of all, these notifications can be set up within minutes with a simple WordPress plugin.

Using a Cookie Notice Plugin for Every Notice

Over the last few years, many plugins have been created to support European laws around website tracking and cookies.

These plugins are lightweight and can be used for any type of notification you want.

Our website, McLamb Group Media uses the Cookie Notice Plugin which has many customization options.

Key Features

  • Ability to display notifications on the top or bottom of the website page.
  • Ability to link to supporting pages.
  • Let’s you customize colors.
  • Free to use

Downloading Cookie Notice for WordPress

Login to your WordPress dashboard, click “plugins”, click “add new”.

When Screen appears in the search bar type in “cookie notice” . Then select the plugin that says “Cookie Notice for GDPR & CCPA”. You’ll notice it has more than 1 million active downloads and over 2,400 five-star reviews.

Click “Install Now” and then “Activate”.

Your Notification Message

Next to “Message”, you can write whatever notification you deem appropriate for your local area, customer base, and market.

Your “Learn More” Page

Here is an example of an image from a social media posts my team has recently seen involving small businesses and the coronavirus.

What I like about this message is that they convey a sense of personality that’s appropriate to their business. So that means you have to put your personal touch on this section. That is not only relevant to your business itself but also relevant to making clients and potential clients feel you are doing everything in your power to keep them safe during this time.

Wrap Up

Watching the news about what’s happening in our country and abroad can be troubling. I have added links that should also go on your website to let customers know you are clearly concerned about the issues going in the world today.

As small business owners, we are the bedrock of the American economy. It’s important for us to respond tastefully to the threat we face. We need to keep our employees and customers safe and healthy.

Communicating to customers online is a great way to build solidarity in the country, to humanize your business, and put people at ease.

In my opinion, it also just happens to be the right thing to do.