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social media influence on business growth

The Power of Social Media Influence

Less than twenty years ago we were all on Our desktops writing emails to friends and family for a long-distance conversation or daily interaction. An email was the way we communicated with people that were not directly in front of us or speaking to on the phone.

It was how we asked questions, made appointments, told jokes to each other and I would dare to say our first touch of virtual social interaction.

Then social media became the new thing. It gave each individual a virtual identity … we had our own pages that people decorated and put their personal spin on their page but there was a shift that eventually begins to take place and it gave a few individuals a place to showcase how many people felt that were important… we begin to track data and started “following” individuals and “liking “their pages, post, and images… it became a social contest of who could get the most attention.

True Social Media Influencer Marketing

Who could get the most shares and then another shift begins to occur people begin to base their online success with these metrics! Likes, shares and comments became the gauge of online success

I’ve been using google analytics for over five years now and I’ve never seen any metric that looks like the social media one!

We have confused those metrics with influence of how people see us online …

Influencer Marketing in 2020 Requires Analytics

The truth is a share means from a marketing standpoint that people engaged enough to want others to see your content now you have metrics that can be tracked …

Now we have a blog or video that will convert better than others because the engagement is high people are sharing and that means it’s something they want others to learn or know..

When content is being shared it’s time to add an offer to this content. It’s time to collect email addresses and communicate with these individuals outside of social media and offer them a product or service.

 True marketers understand that but very few ever understand it’s not a popularity contest, this isn’t about who likes you the most. It’s about taking those numbers and growing and expanding your business.

 It’s about narrowing in on the popular post and interactions you receive from followers and analyzing what made the post so wonderful. What drew them into the content and how can you solve more problems for them and generate revenue from the responses.

Social Media Influencing Can Make a Difference

Influence online is not a popularity contest it’s a way to draw people to your business.

Watching metrics without a strategy is a dead-end street.

Even small numbers can result in huge revenue.

Trust me one like can lead to millions of dollars … when starting out we try to please everyone in business but that one like is really your avatar your persona.

That one like (as long it’s not family or friends) is the person you need to speak to in your future post.

Take that person and visualize them on the next content focused post. Who are they? What makes them “like” your content? What problem can you solve for them? What makes you different from other businesses like yours. These are the reasons for the likes, comments and shares.

Always keep that in mind when growing your social media platforms. Getting distracted by the numbers and not responding to the responses will halt your true reason for the post. Know your metrics and stay consistent and focused on your true online goal which is to grow your business.

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